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Title: Dysthimia - Had never heard of it
Post by: SlowGoer on December 03, 2009, 05:36:02 pm
I've been kinda down for a couple of years. It started after my partner died, but I thought it was just related to stress.

It just kept going on though.

I never really believed in going to a professional, because it was never really that bad. My son and daughter-in-law knew there was something wrong. She was really pushing me to do something about it.

My doctor just wanted to throw me on prozac or something, but I said no. Finally he sent me to a psychiatrist. He said I have what's called dysthimia. I had never heard about it before. I guess it's just long term depression that doesn't get as bad as regular depression. It made me realize that I'd had it before in my 30s. Am 56 now.

I'm not sure about therapy, but I'm giving it a try. My therapist seems like a compassionate guy. We'll see. I've posted in a forum before.