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Title: Researchers Create a Road Map of the Bipolar Brain
Post by: Sane Moderator on May 30, 2017, 10:22:32 am
Mental health researchers around the world recently teamed to create the first-ever visual of the bipolar brain. Findings published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry detailed clear and consistent alterations in key brain regions of people living with bipolar disorder (BPD) and offers fascinating insights into what drives the mental illness.

According to the World Health Organization, BPD (a.k.a. manic-depressive disorder) affects about 60 million people worldwide. Individuals with the illness experience extreme mood swings—from severely depressed to euphoric or manic—and the condition isn’t always easy to treat or diagnose. In addition, it’s been hard for scientists to pinpoint neurobiological mechanisms of the disorder because of insufficient brain scans on people living with BPD—until now.